The Image Foundation is a creative studio specialising in CGI, photography & retouching.

We use all available tools to digitise organic and mechanical shapes from the ground up. Whether they are in a particular pose or in movement, we create both natural appearances and imaginative peculiarities of any kind. Our talented team will grow your idea from the very first stages, translating your sketches into technical conceptualisation, and advancing digital image processing step by step in our expert pipeline.


Your idea needs an element of live reality? We offer to produce your own photo shoots, whether of models, environments or objects. Directing capture in-house makes for a particularly smooth workflow within a project, and gives us excellent control across departments. We also supply photographic elements from our extended library.


Last but not least, the creative retouching and grading stage. We deliver this third step of the workflow with a keen eye for detail and sensitivity to the overall look and feel you wish to achieve for the final image or animation.

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